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  Website: 50 euro - price for the full package of services and 30 euro - price only for the site. Online store: 80 euro - price for the full package of services and 50 euro - price only store. You get: dynamic HTML + PHP code, MySQL database, CMS system for content management with admin panel, SEO optimized structure of all pages, support for all browsers - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE. In the package with services - free domain registration, free hosting, support and more.



  One month free content update*, support of your website or online store, advice and training on the work with the administrative panel - starts immediately after completion of the project. More for content update - HERE.


* This is available only for sites and stores made by us!



If you want to try something new and want to start, develop, update, build, change, or simply to increase your business through the Internet, then you've come to the right place. We know how to achieve it!


In the past, web sites is written in pure HTML code, and therefore were static, unattractive, poorly functional, difficult to maintain and cumbersome - difficult is loaded in the browser. This is the main reason today on the Internet, we visit many useless websites whose owners wonder why they ever ordered. Not to mention the consumers who often remain misled and deceived when they visit such sites.


What the others say about us:


"Thank you for the nice site. You completely change the look and the presentation of our company in the Internet. You did very successfully the concept of individual sections of the site. Many of our friends congratulated us for the new website, and our clients significantly increase. We wish you much success. We hope in the future to continue to work together."


Nely Bundakova

Manager of

"Eco Energy Solar" LTD


Do not you happened to find anything with search engine (Google) and when you open a result, frustration is not late - the website is unpleasant, menus and buttons are confusing, you can not navigate and not know where to click, or if you still do was wondering where you've come, etc.


Also, nowadays the Internet commonly found type advertisements - "Make a free website with a click ...", most often behind these sites lie other, paid services. Ultimately, the user is again deceived and misled.


If you want to benefit from your web site or online store, if you want it to be unique and visited, if you want your business enterprise or the Internet to evolve in the right way and bring you satisfaction, leave things in the hands of professionals. We know what you need and how to achieve it! We will give you the highest quality web design and IT services at the lowest possible prices. We also guarantee cheapest quality!


Our services are broad spectrum in the field of web design and information technology as our goal is to provide you the complete package that you will need for a completed project. Much of offered to us in a package services are free!



Right now, the new technology in Internet, are available to everyone more than ever and there is no need to wait and delay. Benefit now!



attention2 We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the contents smoother in most sections of our site - in each you will find many useful and instructive information about web design and the Internet as a whole! If you have questions, we are available at any time. Consultations with us are completely free!




You can ask your questions and orders - HERE. We expect you!



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