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Content update and support of the site


attention2 Updating the content and support are an integral part to

your website or online store!



attention1 WEB-Vision&Design provides update and support of preferential prices for websites and online stores made by us and for regular customers!


Look at the prices of the services below - HERE.



  When ordering a website or online store you get one month free content update, support, advice and training on the administration panel - starts immediately after the completion of the project.



question What is the update of the Web site and online store, we offer?


Content update this is changing or adding content to your site such as articles, photos, videos, documents, announcements, comments, products, promotions, prices, etc. It is performed at certain intervals of time or once and aims to maintain your website up to date and competitive.


It is wrong perception that the production and promotion of the site ended things. Regular updates have ambiguous effect on visitors, customers and your business as a whole and is highly recommended to be done at short intervals of time. Frequently updated content will constantly update and enrich the appearance of the Vichy site, and if you own an online store - just not necessarily for objective reasons. This will ensure you get a continuous stream of regular customers and satisfied visitors.


attention1Irregular update has a negative effect on promotion in search engines, even if your site is the ideal SEO optimization first in the search results. Here is a concrete example:

Google indexing robot scans one or more times a day your site content compared with that of the previous scan and prepare analyzes of complex algorithms. If an extended period of time Google notices that your site content is not changed and updated regularly , it may decide that it is no longer so attractive for visitors as other similar sites will downgrade , and eventually this will cost undetermined number of positions in the search results. This automatically means the transfer of visitors and customers from your site to the competitive ones. Rest assured - behind it forever lurking competition that unlike you, did what was necessary to " like " on Google.



question What is the support of the Web site and online store, that we perform?


The support is also an integral part of your site. The main part of a continuous monitoring functionality and full - 100% BackUp1 (archive) on your site that would be used to restore failover - hack, equipment failures hosting, change the number of incompetent third parties in order to update the content, etc. 


The support This will guarantee the uptime of your site - permanent access to it, which, ultimately, is the point of operation. We should note that maintenance, in some cases assumed by paid hosting you hired, but often it is not complete and it is unclear what the consequences of a total collapse.


If you have selected the services of free hosting, the support is crucial. Also, if the content of your site or store is constantly changing it is necessary to perform maintenance at least once a day. For such sites also offer a version with support twice a day (noon and evening) - this service is not offered by most paid hosting packages. For details, contact us.


attention1 We guarantee 100% restore of the content and functionality of your website or online store from the our BackUp1 archives.


Upon your request the support done by us, may include subscription maintenance of the domain name of your site, you should not forget to make most often once a year. Otherwise, you risk your domain name to be occupied by another site.

More about the domain name and hosting - HERE.



Packages and Prices


attention1 Prices are per month (hours of commitment) and are rather tentative. Depending on the case, they may be lower or higher than that and depends from the size of the updated information. You will receive detailed information after your request.


attention The prices do not include charges for support of a domain name and hosting - more HERE.




1 h.

Package "Micro"

3-5 h./month

Package "Ultra"

15-20 h./month.

Package "Mega"

30-40 h./month.

Content update:

 10 / 8* euro  25 / 20* euro  90 / 80* euro  170 / 140* euro


 3 /  2* euro  3.5 / 2.5* euro  4 /  2* euro  5 / 3* euro

Content update and


 18 / 9* euro  29 / 22* euro  95 / 80* euro  180 / 145* euro


* These prices are valid for both websites and online stores made ​​by us and for regular customers!



These prices can be renegotiated! In many cases, you set the price themselves!

 write  Ask or order with your own offer - HERE


You can use and the extended order form for payments to us by ePay.bg - HERE.


1 BackUp - this is a complete copy (backup) of the entire Web site - all pages and databases. From this archive your Web site can be restored to 100% even with a complete collapse of hosting whose services you use. It may be temporarily positioned on another hosting different from the one you purchased or free hosting to resolve the problem. BackUp-a is the most important part of maintenance and ensure uninterrupted access to your site.