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Hosting and domain name



Domain name and hosting are an integral part

of your web site and online store!



attention1 If you order from us a Web site or online store, you get a totally free: choice a domain name, domain name registration and upload of the website - to free or paid hosting.


If you have made website or online shop, we can choose the appropriate domain name, register it online and publish your site on free or paid hosting.


See services and prices for domain name and hosting - HERE.



question What is Domain name?


This is the unique name by which your website will be identified to the general audience of the Internet and the name will be remembered by your customers, visitors and users. As an example - the domain name of this site is VEB-VD.COM. Domain name indicates the area in which your site is published (at this site - the area is .COM).



Here are some basic rules and tips that you should consider when choosing a domain name:


- The domain name must be free (unoccupied by another site).


- Strive the domain name to have as much as possible, short and contain the main keywords that describe your site.


- Choose carefully the area which will be published online. It is important even from a financial standpoint. Areas. COM,. NET,. EU,. ORG and others., Are cheaper in the field. BG. The latter does more for attractin sites oriented mainly to Bulgarian audience. The most preferred world class is the area. COM. Free domain names in the field, however, are now quite scarce and must invest some imagination in choosing. We recommend that the name is in the fields. COM or. BG, even if I have to compromise with the name.


- Aim name to match the maximum of the range and purpose of the site or the store, which at first sight would attract visitors.


- Choose a nice, attractive, interesting and different domain name - it will be used properly by the search engines to promote your site and move into higher positions in search results.


Failure to comply with these rules and tips can awaken suspicion in fastidious clients and visitors before they open your site.



How much costs and how to register a domain name?


For domain name registration a fee depends on the area in which publish your site. She is most often a year and is in the range of 15-20 lev to the fields. COM,. NET,. EU,. ORG and others. and 50-60 lev area. BG. Registration is done on sites licensed for offering this type of service companies.



attention1 When you ordering a web site or online shop from us, you get a free initial domain name registration for one year in the area like .COM, .NET, .EU, .ORG and others. (for the are .BG - extra cost 15 euro)!


Here is some technical information about what is a domain name:


Every web site has an IP address, which is something like With this numeric string your site is identified and positioned on the Internet and servers can find it on your hosting. These numbers are difficult to remember and for the convenience of users are mapped to domain names that are actually used by the Internet audience. Еach domain name corresponds to a specific IP address. In other words - in the Internet people works with domain names and servers - with their corresponding IP addresses.



Do not forget to regularly pay the annual fee for a domain name on time. Otherwise you risk to lose your domain name and if you have invested money in promotion and advertising, it is not at all desirable to happen.



question What is Hosting?


Hosting is the physical location of your website or online store on the server on the Internet. Each site in the most general case, is composed of multiple files and databases. To have consumers access to them, they need to be published to a server on the Internet, where by the domain name visitors actually access the site. Hosting can be both paid and free service.


The companies that offer paid hosting may include BackUp, monitoring and much more. The main advantage of paid hosting is to guarantee uninterrupted access of users to your site. Another advantage of paid hosting is that service parameters can be unlimited - bandwidth, disk space, mailboxes and more.


With free hosting most parameters are limited, but are sufficient for medium, small, even for some larger sites.



Why is there a free hosting service and is it reliable?


Free hosting is like a paid, except that there is no one guarantees for site uptime. It is important to note that many companies that offer free hosting - the hosting is much better than some paids and it is with much better parameters. The speed for access your site is larger and have more tools for its maintenance and content update - control panel ; also has a more disk space for the site files , more bandwidth , more mailboxes (e-mails).


Competition in this sector (hosting), last years rather increases and many companies offers high quality free hosting, so bravely choose this type of service.



Who paid hosting providers are the best?


This question can not be answered unequivocally. Recent years many Bulgarian companies are very successful, both in Bulgaria and around the world and offer a lot of quality and variety of hosting services.



What are the prices of the paid hosting and which is the best for you?


Prices move in a wide range - 1-30 euro per month. Depend on the parameters of the service that is offered - size of traffic, size of disk space, number of mailboxes, control panel with a variety of features to manage the site, access speed for users and more.



If you have a small hotel, your site will be smaller (a few pages and galleries) and you do not need a large bandwidth and disk space, you will be pay less for the hosting service. If you own a great online shop with many customers and visitors - you will need more bandwidth and disk space and will have to pay a higher amount for the hosting service.


If you own a large company with a great web site or online shop - with many customers and clients, we recommend paid hosting services that offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space!



attention1 When ordering a website or online shop from us, you get a free site upload on the free or paid hosting!




No matter which you choose - free or paid hosting, we guarantee that we will publish your site or online shop to the best in the branch.


If you prefer free hosting services, we offer to you quality support and content update - more HERE.



Services and prices:


attention1 All of our customers purchasing website or online store from us - get the services below FOR FREE!


Service Price
Choosing a Domain Name: 15 euro
Domain name registration: 10 euro
Site upload to the paid hosting: 18 euro
Site upload to the free hosting: 23 euro



These prices can be renegotiated! In many cases, you set the price themselves!

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