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Logo and Graphic design



Your logo is the "autograph", "portrait" of your company or organization.

It will be your PR1 everywhere!



attention1 WEB-Vision&Design offers logo design and graphic design at discounted prices - for those who ordered the website or online shop from us, and for regular customers.


See prices for logo and graphic design - HERE.



question What is logo and graphic design and why you need them?


The logo is "the face" of your company or organization. It will be remembered by customers and visitors to your website and will be your business card, both on the Internet and beyond. As you identify yourself with signature or photo, so tath your company will be identified by its logo. Give due attention to this important element of your corporate identity!


Generally, the logo is graphic design of:
- your company name;
- first letters or part of the name;
- a unique character, item or text associated with the activities of your company;
- combination of the above etc.


In the production of a company logo, it is important to think creatively, individual approach and experience of the designer.


Graphic design is the technique for the production of visual effects, details and additions to your site. They can be positioned at various locations on the site, in order to look attractive. Different software (PhotoShop, CorelDraw, etc.)., Special effects and techniques to achieve perfect results.
Important in graphic design is the right combination with the overall look of your site and your company activities. Graphic design is part of the technique in the production of logo and corporate identity.



attention1 Our approach to making your logo includes:


- consultation with you about your views, desires and expectations of the logo;

- 5 (or more) preliminary proposals (draft) for logo from us;

- creation of 2 or 3 final logos;

- finishing work of your chosen logo.



Poor quality logo will be "black and white", pale portrait of your company. Quality logo created with love, will be as colorful, shiny and unique photo, featuring your company or organization from other similar.

We always use individual approach, creative thinking and attention to the detail when preparing and creating your logo!



Prices for logo and graphic design


attention1 Prices are not final and are rather tentative. Depending on the case, they may be lower or higher than that, depending on your expectations and desires, tuning the final logos, the number of details to graphic design, their location on the site, the technology of the site etc. You will get detailed information after your request for the offer!




Creation of logo

(corporate identity)

 60 / 50* lev

Graphic design

(3 details to the site)

 40 / 30* lev

Logo + graphic design

 90 / 70* lev

* These prices are valid for both websites and online stores made by us and for regular customers!



These prices can be renegotiated! In many cases, you set the price themselves!

 write  Ask or order with your offer - HERE


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