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Redesign of existing site



question You have a web site or online store and you want to change the design and functionality according to modern standards and technologies?


question Your business is strapped, you want to increase sales, but your site will not help - need something new and fresh?


question You want to progress in Bulgaria and around the world but the old look of your site does not allow it?


question You wish to present something new and exciting to your customers but you are limited by the capabilities of your site?


question You are tired of paying for maintenance. You are confident that you can handle yourself, but at this point your site does not allow it?


attention1 If you are asking these questions then your web site or online store, probably needs redesign - You're in the right place!




If you need only to update (change) the content of your site or store - you does not need a redesign!


Find more for content update - HERE.



question What is redesign?

Generally, we will make a new design and will add new functionality to your existing site, using old content. If you wish - we will change the overall appearance or just part of it.


question What's the point of doing redesign, and not to order a new site?

In a nutshell - the meaning is to save money and time. A redesign will always come out cheaper and will be made faster than to buy a new site, and what you will get - is far less. As an example - you can get a CMS system to manage the content of your site with admin panel and training to work with him.


question How much will cost a redesign?

Answer to this question depends on your existing site and what are your new expectations and requirements for it. As a guide price - 40 to 90% of new Web site or Online store.




Prices are subject to negotiation, depending on the case!

In many cases, you set the final price!

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