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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

(Google, Bing, Yahoo)


attention2 Present your brand and promote your business to a large audience on the Internet, right now! 



info You already have a website or online store!


So far so good, but ... does anyone know about it? Will someone see it among the thousands and millions of similar web sites on the Internet in particular - in the search results at Google? How to promote your website with minimum costs for a long period?


If you are asking these questions, then you feel the need SEO optimization!



attention1 WEB-Vision&Design offers SEO Optimization for websites and online stores, made by us and for regular customers at discounted prices!


See the prices for SEO optimization - HERE.



question What is SEO optimization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - is a search engine optimization (search engines) like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. This process promotes your site on the Internet, using different techniques. The main objective is forefront in the search results for certain keywords and phrases. According to the application techniques SEO optimization is divided into whitehat and blackhat.


 BlackHat SEO ( " black hat " SEO Optimization ) - used illegal methods by search engines in order to "shoot" your site on the front line for a short time . With this method the "specialist" who made your SEO optimization is "finished" the work . Once detected by search engines, site blackhat SEO is punished harshly. Often it was completely excluded from the list of search results . Recovery occurs after a specific request and there is no guarantee that will happen . The most popular blackhat SEO is buying external links to your website from other more frequented sites. As you can tell yourself , technology giants like Google, for example, can not be cheated so easily , and if it does happen , it is for short time and the consequences for you will be very uncomfortable .


 WhiteHat SEO ("white hat" SEO Optimization) - use the rules of the search engines to promote the website. Process here is much more complicated and complex, and the effect of this type of SEO optimization can be visible even after several months. The results depend on many factors, but the most important are the right keywords and phrases that will be used for promotion. We will try to clarify with examples, what we mean:


- It is important if you are doing SEO for the keyword "plates" or key phrase "service of fine china". To doing SEO for the first word ("plate") is very complicated, time-consuming and costly. The second phrase ("service of fine china") will require less complex and inexpensive SEO optimization.


- Here's another example - there whether you will be doing SEO for the keyword phrase "soccer balls" in the search results or for the key phrase "footballs from Nike". Naturally, not all vendors selling footballs online, will sell exactly "footballs from Nike" and if you do, the chances of the forefront of search results grows.


Trend already observed in the audience of the Internet is for the increasingly specified and detailed search engines. Thus, users hope to reach faster to the desired result. So it is somewhat risky to invest in complex and expensive SEO optimization for common words and phrases, provided that the clients and consumers increasingly will seek detailed and specific word or phrase.


WhiteHat SEO optimization is divided into onpage (within the site) and offpage (outside the site). Onpage SEO is optimization within the site - file structure, meta tags, links, headings, content, microdata and others. Offpage SEO optimization is outside the site - linkbuilding (external links to your site), registration in the popular search engines, thematic sites and directories, registration and comments to the thematic forums, creating themed blogs with links to your site and more.



We perform parallel onpage SEO and offpage SEO , as we believe that these are important and interrelated processes to achieve the ultimate goal - the top result in the search on the first page in Google! Not describe in detail the techniques that apply to whitehat SEO, but I assure you that they meet the latest requirements of the major search engines (for onpage and offpage) in particular - those of Google.



Be careful who you trust SEO optimization of your site!


The effects of a good result may be temporary, and the consequences - harmful, unwanted and irreversible! Promotion can be a blunder of your brand (brand), which, incidentally, depends on yourself and your site. Risk of punishment on Google (for blackhat SEO or poor whitehat SEO) and blocking of your site in search engine results is big and very real!



question Why is it necessary to do SEO optimization?


Because, otherwise, you risk your site to remain hidden from the Internet audience. In most cases, web users will know and remember the domain name of your site. They need to find you somehow, and most often this is done by searching for keywords and phrases in search engines, the most famous of which is Google. Consumers will use only the first few search results in the Google's first page. The aim is your site to be positioned in this first 10 results.


If your site has good SEO optimization, it will exit the forefront of search results, and its popularity will grow. The main advantage of SEO optimization is a long term effect that has in the promotion - if you combine good SEO optimization with regular updates of content, your site will be moving constantly among the top search results.


Of course, other methods of promoting your site are advertisements. However, they are quite expensive and have a temporary effect.




Best SEO optimization, largely depends on how the site was developed - technology, structure, content, internal links, etc. Maximum effect of SEO optimization will be achieved, if it thinks itself more in making the site!


Web sites and onlain stores, we made, have complete SEO optimized structures on all pages and are built with the latest technologies!


new You receive free training for future SEO optimization that you will do to keep an established one. Started immediately after the main SEO optimization.



Prices for SEO optimization


attention1 Prices are per month (hours of commitment) and are rather tentative. Depending on the case, they may be lower or higher than that. They also depends from the keywords and phrases, the industry in which your business is positioned, content, technology of production, etc. At the end of each month we will send you a detailed report on the work completed. You will get details after the request for offer!


Prices are for onpage + offpage SEO optimization!



 (1 hour per day)


1 month

 300 / 250* lev

2 month

 550 / 400* lev

3 month

 800 / 550* lev

* These prices are valid for both - websites and online stores made by us and for regular customers!



These prices can be renegotiated! In many cases, you set the price themselves!

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