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SMO integration into social networks

(Facebook, Google+, Twitter)


attention2 Promote your site and brand in front of millions visitors to social networks - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and many more.



attention1 WEB-Vision&Design provides SMO integration for websites and online stores, made by us and for regular customers at discounted prices!


Look more for SMO integration - HERE.



question What is SMO integration and why to do?


SMO (Social Media Optimization) - this is the integration of your website or online store in different social networks, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and more. The aim is to promote your site in the major social networks where the traffic is concentrated (especially in Bulgaria at this stage).


Much of the internet audience prefers searching in social networks instead of traditional search engines (Google, Bing, Yahho), assuming (rightly) that the higher quality brands and popular companies should also be represented in social networks.


Search in social networks, in most cases is limited to specific social network and if you did not get integrated business in it, users can not find you.


On the other hand, social networks offer a wide selection of tools, settings and a variety of methods to promote the brand, website or shop and have sizable futured potential in this area!



attention1 The process of the SMO integration, we made, depends on the social network and generally includes:


- creation of a social network site with a name identical or similar to the domain name of your site (for example - Facebook.com/yoursitename.com).

- creation and design of a special logo for the social network. See more for logo and graphic design - HERE

- creation of a presentation image - wallpaper to the main page

- creation of the Galleries (albums) with pictures

- building of the detailed, promotional content for your business

- comments to the featured articles, groups, forums, etc.

- linking to your main site:

- creation of the backlinks (links) in both directions (site ► soc. network and soc. networ ► site)

- comments directly from the site

- integration of the buttons "Like" on the site - for various articles, products and more.

- other activities - specific to the particular social network

new training for your future maintenance work on the social network site - for free



SMO integration effectively builds already done SEO optimization on your site - contributes to a higher rating and higher positions in search results - in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).



attention WEB-Vision&Design recommends that you perform your SMO integration after or simultaneously with the SEO optimization for your site. Combining the two technologies will lead to a greater effect of the promotion of your business and brand on the Internet!



Prices for SMO integration


attention1 Prices are per month (commitment of the day) and are rather tentative. Depending on the case, they may be lower or higher than that, depending on the social networks in which you will want to do integration specifics and extent of the integration in the social network comments thematic articles profiles, forums and more. At the end of the course you will receive a detailed report on the work completed. You will get details after your request for a offer!



(30 minutes per day)


1 month

 200 / 150* lev

2 month

 300 / 200* lev

* These prices are valid for both - websites and online stores made by us and for regular customers!



These prices can be renegotiated! In many cases, you set the price themselves!

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